Westpac Business Banking

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Westpac customers wanted business lending to be faster and easier.

Reviewing the proposition and service model across four banks we designed a future that enabled decisions to happen in minutes rather than months.

Working for the Westpac CCD team we led the CCD strategic review of the business lending portfolio across the four retail banks.

Spending time with customers from Micro businesses to Commercial enterprises we grew a detailed understanding of the current issues around sales and service also the expectations and needs of both customers and staff.

Following a series of quick prototypes and testing we identified a range of solutions to transform the business. One of these was the design of LOLA, an award winning banker interface.

LOLA provided bankers with an interface that showed a thorough overview of their customers, a set-by-step application experience and instant feedback on the complexity of a lending deal.

Conditional limit offers of $32 billion
Unlocked $600 million in lending
6,000 deals approved in the first 12 months
Reduced approvals from 2 weeks to same day

Link: https://www.good-design.com/entry/lola-live-online-lending-application/