Craig Walker Review
A collection of essays on the paradigm shifts in design.

CWR is an infrequent publication produced by Craig Walker to explore design, innovation and data, to showcase the talents of our in-house studio and to encourage conversation and collaboration.

Highlights of our launch issue include:

Chris Downs, founder of live/work, tracing service design’s evolution from theory to practice to its third phase, which he believes will be its most powerful.

Gill Wildman, a leader in design management and education, arguing that design thinking has overlooked the craft that design practitioners bring to ‘design doing.’

Tom Lee, director of the Master of Design at UTS, examining the relationships necessary between industry and education to produce designers of the future.

Xavier Rizos, strategist and radical thinker, riffing on how ecosystems offer a way to think about and understand the major shift in the very nature of business.

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Trace Karla: an experiment/al typeface generated by a playful studio workshop in which we restaged a vision perception test found illustrated in ‘The Last Whole Earth Catalogue’
Tom Lee, director of the master of design program at UTS, explores the relationships necessary between industry and university to educate and produce designers able to successfully navigate the rapidly evolving conceptual and practical landscapes of design today