Join us and do great things

Craig Walker’s mission is to create the most positive impact for the most number of people.

We bring our varied disciplines and broad skills to projects in data, service and strategic design. For example, we’ve designed a framework and a physical space to help a national not-for-profit change the way they work together; we’ve created a programmatic brand identity for an AI-driven strategy service; and we’ve developed intensive field research into a vision and stories that shifted perspectives on mobility and inclusion at one of Australia’s largest retailers.

We do it all in a supportive environment that encourages us to work hard, engage in the world and have balance in our lives.

We’re always on the lookout

Don’t see any roles above that sound like you? Send through a cover letter and your portfolio to and will be sure to get in touch if anything comes up.

How we help you have great impact

Design education
As designers, we know the importance of design education. We’ve developed close ties with key institutions to open up opportunities for us to teach, learn and hone our skills.

If we have something to say, information to impart or a tip for making life easier, we find a way to share it -- from writing articles to creating training tools to designing shortcuts.

Staying sharp
We’re working in a fast-moving space and it takes time to stay on top. We encourage and support our designers to continue to expand, focus or complement their skills.

We know we don’t have all the tricks in the bag so we make time as a studio to experiment, test and play with new skills and technologies.

Some things we’ve done

For our clients

For ourselves or our industry