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Intense competition is forcing universities to recognise the growing gap between students and the workforce. To get ahead of the curve, something had to change. The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) acknowledged the paradigm shift in the post-graduate learning experience and was eager to drive innovation. Craig Walker was brought in to bridge the gap between study and the world of work. Craig Walker collaborated with thirty cream of the crop industry leaders to design the industry of the future by reshaping the UTS Postgraduate Masters of Design.

Craig Walker talked to students, graduates, industry leaders and UTS staff to propose a model integrating disciplinary upskilling with project-based learning

We believe that conventional university products are not well designed for our future learners in any discipline. We want to make sure that we are creating future design and a more flexible work force where tertiary learning at a Masters level helps our students to better respond to the 21st Century."

Professor Peter Scott
UTS Pro Vice-Chancellor

Craig Walker joined forces with UTS to create an inspired review and evidence based projection of what the post-graduate experience could be from an immersion into the UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building and in-depth discussions with students and businesses.

Students are encouraged to protoype and work as teams to solve real problems (Images courtesy of UTS, photographed by Anna Zhu Photography)

The brief evolved from market research and actionable insights into a freshly designed course curriculum. The Masters of Design model performed so effectively it is being put to practice and scaled across faculties to replicate the success in other areas of the university.

"What they have proposed is a good general model for how we change the elements of the post-graduate experience. How do we use short courses; how do we use digital; and how do we frame those into project work. I've given it to other faculties as a case study for what I would like them to be thinking about. As the case study has been presented with a lot of evidence around it, it makes a very compelling story."

Professor Peter Scott
UTS Pro Vice-Chancellor

L’Atelier project briefs map to the DAB pillars of data, design culture, urban innovation, and transformative technologies.

The UTS Masters of Design is dynamic and revolutionary in its capacity to align the skills, requirements and expectations of industry leaders and postgraduates