We are a design and innovation studio; delivering world class expertise in strategic design, service design and data design.

Our approach

Great innovation happens when you solve problems for people first

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We’ve seen how important design is from London to Amsterdam to Singapore to Sydney and learnt how our work as designers can really add value.

We’ve learnt that great innovation happens when you solve problems for people first, when you design amazing experiences that enable people to access new and better ways of doing things.

We've realised that designing solutions is as much about the experience as it is about innovating new ways of working that help deliver this experience in smarter and cheaper ways.

And as technology, disruption, policy and economies bring sharply into focus the need for design to help solve the big problems people face, we created Craig Walker to help drive this people centric approach. We're here to design and innovate the products, services and experiences for the organisations of tomorrow.

Areas of focus: we specialise in three design practices

Strategic design

See a different future; one of emerging opportunities in targeting customer needs

Service design

Develop a working model of a service across any channel; derived from the goals of all stakeholders

Data design

Bring a data first perspective to designing new models, experiences and strategies

Our clients

The directors

Leading a small studio of multidisciplinary designers

Jeremy Walker has a background in Service Design, having led teams and programmes for over 15 years. He was until recently the Director of HCD for Insurance Australia Group (IAG).

Kernow Craig has 18 years of design experience. He founded the design studio Blood & Thunder before working as Stream Lead for Customer Centred Design at Westpac Group.

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