Co-creating better digital services for young people

How do we empower, protect and guide young people from different communities around the world to navigate the shifting digital landscape?

Craig Walker collaborated with TTC Labs on a series of co-creation workshops with youth leaders and policy makers in Australia, the United States and the UK, in order to create design principles informed by local contexts.

This research work was then used to inform new key principles, digital user journeys, a set of user personas and a report that lays the framework for the tech industry to be more informed when designing digital services for young people.

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The project in numbers

40+Youth leaders consulted

3Design jams synthesised

5Personas published

Exploring privacy and safety through co-creators

The two-day day co-creation workshop called on more than 40 youth leaders and policy makers to collaborate on a series of tasks and briefs developed by Craig Walker to help shed light on the the sticking points of a young person's digital journey now and in the future. The team gathered and synthesised the insights into a database with two other Jams globally (UK and USA), informing a series of principles, a report, a digital journey and a set of personas.

Craig Walker
Craig Walker
Craig Walker
Craig Walker
Craig Walker
Craig Walker
Craig Walker
Craig Walker

Transforming research findings into useable tools

After collating the findings from co-creator workshops in Australia, the UK and the US, Craig Walker developed series of projects to turn data and prototypes into working tools and guides for the tech industry.

This ever-evolving set of tools is helping grow a conversation around how designers should approach developing for youth user experience in digital services.

Key principles
Digital journey
Persona set
Research report

Engaging with complex ideas visually

Alongside the release of the Youth Report, Personas and other tools, Craig Walker created a visual explainer as an engaging introduction to the topic for designers and general public alike. The explainer tells the stories of three personas through illustration and animation across desktop and mobile.

This is our KnowNow service in action

What we do:

Using our Powers of Ten research framework, we facilitate your team towards a deep understanding of an issue.

  • Global content scan with our research partner
  • Global sense-check with international experts
  • Ethnographic research with users and frontline staff
  • Synthesis workshops to generate insights and define the problem we are trying to solve
  • More work