Creating content
and a social media movement

With 4.54 billion people worldwide now using the Internet, generating 2.5 quintillion (that’s 18 zeros) of data every day, privacy and data protection is a growing and major focus for governments, businesses and individuals.

TTC Labs, a global cross-industry initiative backed by Facebook, brings together major businesses, government organisations and academic institutions with the aim of putting people in control of their privacy.

TTC Labs needed a way to share the wealth of information and perspectives that they generate and capture. While rich in content, the collection of reports and articles on their website was difficult for policy makers, designers and privacy advocates to navigate and engage with.

Craig Walker designed and developed an editorial approach for the TTC Labs website, synthesising and curating their comprehensive repository of resources into four interactive stories. The goal was to help users browse and understand topics quickly and find clear entry points into the areas that interest them most.

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The project in numbers

100+Articles catalogued and tagged

120Social media posts generated

5Interactive stories created

Challenging stories, beautifully told

Working across desktop and mobile, we took a bold editorial approach, bringing to life complex topics through a mixture of storytelling, illustration and editorial web design.

With the website’s content curated and articulated, TTC Labs asked us to develop a social media strategy to help them reach and engage key audiences in policy and design.

Growing the movement organically

We took a targeted approach, generating a plan with bespoke content for LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. We tailored the content to the medium, choosing the topics and tone that would speak naturally to each platform’s audience.

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